Our cybersecurity expertise includes 20 years of experience in service as CISO to two major global banks and years of consulting with private sector companies.

This allows us to approach our clients from management and practitioner perspectives with the client’s business interest foremost, which guides the development of custom tailored, industry standard security solutions.

Sample accomplishments include:


Develop security incident response teams and processes.

Provide representation and participation in ANSI Standards working groups with appropropriate reference to ISO Standards.

Evaluate network, data & physical security controls, systems, and applications.

Perform security reviews & audits, including vulnerability assessments.

Evaluate corporate policies and procedures for compliance with U.S. and E.U. security and privacy legislation, e.g., GDPR, corporate accountability requirements,, security breach legislation,  and the ISO 27000 series.

Design enterprise-wide security architectures.

Design cryptographic architectures for appropriate use of encryption, digital signature and trusted time stamping.

Evaluate e-commerce products for security design and/or susceptibility to cryptanalytic attacks.

Develop security policies, standards and procedures.

Conduct executive, marketing & client security briefings.

Design and conduct security awareness programs.

Develop and conduct staff training in security related issues, e.g., secure application coding.

Develop internal cybersecurity programs from the bottom up, to include organizational structure, staff, budget and strategic plans.

Conduct business process redesign of security management structures.

Evaluate security products and create/implement pilot project plans for products selected.

Develop PKI Certificate Policy & Practices Statements.